How to Order/Make a Payment

How can I pay for my order?

Payment will be made on the Stripe Payment Platform using credit cards and digital wallets.
VISA, mastercard, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB, AliPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay

I completed my order but didn't receive a confirmation email.

Here are possible reasons:

  • The email address entered when you registered or placed your order was incorrect.
  • You have changed your email address.
  • Your provider could not receive the email.
  • Your email program was set to reject the email.

If you are a registered member, you can check the details of your order in the "Order History" section on "My Page."
If you made your purchase as a guest, please contact the shop directly by email.

I would like the order confirmation email to be re-sent.

Please be advised that we cannot re-send the order confirmation email.

There are purchases or charges I don't recognize on my account.

Your user information might have been illegally used by a third party.

  • Please check with your credit card company.
  • Please contact us immediately using the contact form.

An × or △ appears on the order confirmation page.

We may not be able to deliver your merchandise because it falls under the category of prohibited goods. Please visit the post office's official website to check if items fall under the category of prohibited goods.

I can't complete my order.

If × or △ appears next to an item:
→We may not be able to deliver the item because it falls under the category of prohibited goods. Please visit the post office's official website to check if items fall under the category of prohibited goods.

Other possible reasons:

  • Postal delivery services may be temporarily suspended due to societal conditions. Please check the status of shipping to your country on the post office's official website.
  • The merchandise may have sold out while you were placing your order. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please place your order again.

About Cancellations/Returns

I would like to cancel my order.

You may check out products in the cart at any time before Payment Process is implemented.
In addition, members of may cancel an order from My Page within 30 minutes after Payment Process is implemented.
If you have purchased the product as a guest, or are a member who could not cancel an order within such 30 minutes’ period, you may submit the inquiry form with relevant information entered. After the Shop verifies the information and determine that refund is necessary, refund process will be implemented.
An amount to be refunded will include purchase price, shipping costs and packaging costs, but exclude the amount of payment commissions and exchange fees.

I would like to return merchandise that has been delivered.

In the event of defects identified in your products by the Shop’s faulty act or inaction, inform the Shop within 7 days after delivery of your products. Thereafter we will not settle your claims relating to such defects.
Products may no longer be able to be returned once they are used or the packaging is unsealed.

An amount refundable will be the total amount of purchase price and shipping/packaging costs, excluding payment commissions and exchange fees.
No return and replacement will be permitted for a reason of your own, or for damage of products sustained as a result of unpackaging during a customs check.

About Delivery/Shipping Fees

Is the shipping fee included in the price?

No, the shipping fee is not included in the price of the merchandise.
The total price of items, shipping fee, and packaging fee will be calculated on the Shopping Cart screen.

How will merchandise be shipped?

All products will be delivered by EMS International Parcel Post (EMS) provided by Japan Post Co., Ltd (JP Post).

I would like to track my order.

You can check shipping updates on your order on My Page if you are a registered member of

My order hasn't arrived.

In the event of non-delivery, please confirm the status on EMS tracking system. Any inquiries should be made to the Shop. The Shop will get the matter looked into and resolved with JP Post, as a result of which, the Shop will make an arrangement for reshipping or refund, if necessary.

The shipping fee has become very expensive.

If your order is packed in 2 or more separate boxes, a shipping fee will be charged for each box.
You can check shipping-fee details on the Shopping Cart screen.

There are 2 EMS tracking numbers.

If your order is packed in 2 or more separate boxes, each box will be assigned an EMS tracking number.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Under normal circumstances, your order will be shipped from Japan within 2-7 business days.
Shipping times differ by your country of residence, but if you live in Asia, your order will be delivered within 2 weeks of confirmation.

I was unable to receive my order because I was away for a long period of time.

Under no circumstances, will the company be liable for loss or damage from or in connection with non-delivery, to the extent that appropriate and reasonable shipping procedures are carried out by us; and

About Member Registration/LogIn

Tell me the benefits of registering as a member.

  • You can save your address and shipping information, so entering details for your next order will be easier.
  • You can view your order history.

Where can I register as a member?

You can register on the Member Registration page.

I can't register as a member.

Here are possible reasons:

  • There is a mistake in the information you entered.
    Has an error message appeared for details such as your email address or postal address?
  • You have already registered with the same email address.
    Only 1 account can be registered per email address at If you have forgotten your registration details, please go to the I Forgot My Password page and follow the instructions to log in again.

I forgot my password.

Please reset your password using the I Forgot My Password page.